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How to measure the radius and perimeter of a circle or arc

Press the Radius button, and tap to select circle or arc. After specifying a circle or an arc, the fields in the measuring toolbar will be updated with the measurement data.

How to measure the angle between 3 points ?

Press the Angle button, and tap to specify the angle’s points. Specify the start point and drag or tap to specify the center point and the end point. After setting the end point, the measured angle will be updated on the appropriate field in the measuring toolbar.

How to use the Mirror tool ?

Quick Tip: click on an editable object and tap the Mirror button from the Edit Object Toolbar. The Mirror command creates a reversed/ mirrored image of the selected object in a specified direction and distance. It is located in the Edit Object toolbar which is accessible when tapping on any editabl...

How to draw an arrow ?

Quick Tip: Tap the Arrow button in the Markup toolbar. Tap for first point and then tap and drag to set the end point. The Arrow button is located in the Markup toolbar. Draw an arrow by clicking it, and tap the canvas to specify first point and again to set the end point. Additional Information: ...

What is the Smart Pen

The Smart Pen is a new tool which allows you to create CAD shapes by a free hand sketch. You can find the 'Smart Pen' button in the drawing tools menu. Additional Information: Panning during the tool is available with two fingers.

How to draw Arcs ?

Quick Tip: Tap the Arc tool button in the drawing tools menu. Tap the screen to specify first point. Tap or drag to set the second and again to end it. To draw arcs, access the 'Arc tool' located in the Drawing Tools menu. After you click the Arc button, tap the screen to specify first point of the...

How to Offset ?

Quick Tip: To offset an object, select the source object, click the offset button from the Edit Object Toolbar. Specify a point on canvas to offset through using tap or drag. The Offset command creates a new object whose shape is parallel to that of the selected object. The Offset button is loc...

How can I edit the attributes of a block

Quick Tip: Available for pro users only. Tap on an attribute value in the 'properties palette' to edit it. AutoCAD mobile allows you to edit the attribute of a block by using the 'property palette'. By tapping the attribute’s value, you can edit the text within. The new text can be in English or a...

How can I add attributes to a block

How can I add attributes to a block Quick Tip: Available for pro users only. Tap the "+" button in the 'properties palette' to insert a new attribute. Add attributes: 1. Select a block 2. Tap the “+” button next to 'Attributes' 3. Insert the attribute’s tag and value (iOS) (Andr...

How to insert a block ?

Quick tip: Drag & drop. This is a Pro feature. To insert a block: Tap the blue ribbon to open palettes Choose blocks Drag the block you want into the drawing. Additional information: Commonly used blocks such as windows and doors are now available for every new drawing created w...
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