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What is a shared drawing

A shared drawing is a drawing that is accessible to more than one user. You can share drawings and you can have drawings shared with you. Every drawing has an “owner” – the person who uploaded it. The drawing owner can share it with other people using their e-mail addresses. A shared dra...

What are the different user types and their permissions

In addition to the drawing owner, who uploaded or created the drawing, other available types are collaborator, reviewer, and public users. When sharing a drawing, set available permissions for new users based on your user type (and your permissions). Owner Collaborator Reviewer Publ...

How do I define sharing permissions

Quick Tip: Use the permissions control to specify whether your collaborators are allowed to edit the drawing online and/or to download a local copy of the drawing. When you share a drawing in AutoCAD 360, you grant permission to a colleague or a client to view, edit or download a drawing. The permi...

Can I share a drawing with a group

Quick Tip: List the e-mail addresses of whomever you wish to share your drawing with. AutoCAD 360 allows you to share drawings with as much colleagues as you want. To do so go to the “To” field and enter the e-mail address of the person with whom you wish to share the drawing. Additional Informati...

A file that was shared with me disappeared from my account

The file was either deleted or it is no longer shared with you. If someone shares a file with you, and the file is no longer available within your account, there are two possibilities that can cause this: 1. The owner of the file removed your share 2. The owner of the file deleted it from h...

What’s the difference between a shared drawing and a published link

A shared drawing is accessible to a group of people, based on personal invitations sent to them by the drawing owner. A published drawing is a drawing that the owner has made available to the public. Publishing a drawing generates a unique link to it that can be opened by anyone. The link can the be...
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