What's new in AutoCAD mobile?

We updated the structure of the available Premium plans, and modified the Free plan offering, so that a different set of features will be included with each tier. Our new free offering is a view-only mode with the ability to perform accurate measurements. All drawing and editing tools are now available only for paying subscribers.

For more info about our Premium plans- http://www.autodesk.com/products/autocad-mobile/compare-plans 
What are the features included in AutoCAD mobile Premium?
Faster Viewing
We have just launched an amazing new viewing system utilizing OpenGL technology. Now, you will not only have the ability to handle large files at a rapid rate, but also feel the difference with smoother panning and zooming. No more getting lost in the abyss of a slow-loading viewer! We now offer an unlimited zoom featuring sleek lines that will not show any pixilation, regardless of the level of detail required.
Snap points and Ortho Polar Snap
We now offer three additional snap modes – Perpendicular, Extension, and the Ortho Polar Snap, along with the ability to enable or disable them. Take advantage of more accurate editing capabilities by utilizing these new options.

Moving files between folders
We’ve created more functionalities in the file manager – now you can create new folders and move files between them! (Currently available for iOS only).

More external storage services
We now have built-in integrations with Google Drive and OneDrive, in addition to our existing integrations (Dropbox, Box, Buzzsaw, Egnyte, and more). Open and save files directly to your cloud storage drive, no need to manually upload.
How to connect my AutoCAD mobile account to external storage services using my mobile device?
More property fields and edit properties
We’ve added the ability to edit an object’s color and layer, directly from the Properties Palette! Premium users can now utilize new object properties, including object type, the number of selected objects, linetype and lineweight. (Currently available for iOS only).
How can I view and edit the properties of an object?​

Quick tools
Work more efficiently with our new Quick Mode tool set - Our new Quick Measure feature rapidly reveals the measurements of your drawing with a single tap. Use Quick Delete to instantly erase objects from your drawing and use our new, highly accurate version of the Smart Pen. (Currently available for iOS only).

iPad Pro with Apple Pencil
We have optimized AutoCAD mobile for iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil - Work faster and more comfortably with enhanced performance and a spacious interface for the larger iPad Pro screen. Increase productivity and accuracy with Apple Pencil!

Keypad for iPads/iPhones
We recently added a new drafting experience! Accurately draw lines, polylines and rectangles on your device with our new keypad
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